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Your life is your personal project

Your project is to help you with yours



The Life Project Program is an adaptation from the Personal Project by IFFD.


This program will cover topics for personal development and well-being. The participants will also be assigned mentors who will be their guide throughout the 5 months (or beyond) to help them make the most out of this seminar.


Registration for the full program entitles the participant to an assigned mentor and a certificate of completion by Sao Mai, Education and Consulting Company, (for a minimum attendance of 3 sessions) in addition to the personal development that she will get from the program.

People are also welcomed to register for individual sessions. However, there will be no certificate and no assigned mentor.


Participants will pay the following fees for the 5 sessions:

  • Young professionals: 1.400.000 VND 

  • Students: 450.000 VND

*Payment can be made by installments.

*Accommodation fee (if any) for the weekend seminar does not include.

*Depending on the situation of the pandemic, prices are subject to change. 


There will be a weekend seminar for supplementary courses and activities. (Tentative date is on 25-26 July).


The aim of Life Project Program is your personal development. It will help you identify your priorities and give you tools to make better choices in life, with freedom and responsibility. 


Who & When?

  • For university students and SINGLE young professionals (for women from 17 to 26 years old).

  • From 2:00 - 4:00 PM, every first Saturdays of the month, from Jun 13th  to Oct 3rd, 2020.

How does the program work?

The program consists of 5 topics or modules, given in seminar format, including individual readings, practical exercises, and mentorship. The seminars will be presented in English with live translation.

Topic 1

13th June

Who am I?

The Five Dimensions of the Human Person

Topic 2

4th Jul

What really matters to me? The Art of Decision-making

Topic 3

1st Aug

How to make the most of my talents and skills? Physical and Intellectual Dimensions

Topic 4

5th Sep

My Emotional Health and the Social Me: Social and Emotional Dimensions

Topic 5

​3rd Oct

Freedom and Choice

Why should I participate?

By joining My Life Project Program you have a chance to:


  • Reflect on your self and discover your priorities.

  • Learn to make better decisions for your future.

  • Practice what you learn through work service.

  • Learn from the experiences of other young people in similar situations.
    (Depending on the situation of the pandemic, volunteering dates are subject to change)

  • Meet new people and make new friends.

  • ​Have a personal mentor if required

More questions?

Please contact!

For English: Ms. Len

For Vietnamese: Ms. Quyên Quyên

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